Curing the Disease You Never Had

Item #97: The Oscilloclast of Dr. Abrams; Wood box 15" x 6" x 5", Bakelite top; 3 decade resistors, the wipers connect to terminal posts; AC line cord connects one side to each of the decade switches, the other side of the line goes to a light bulb and a push switch that shorts its plunger to the AC line.

In treatment the patient was wired to the oscilloclast and seated in a chair. The patient was insulated from the surroundings with his feet resting on upturned drinking glasses - a good thing, otherwise the patient would likely be electrocuted by the workings of this box. The threat of electrocution may have led to the development of the much safer Micro-Oscilloclast, a box that connected to not much of anything at all.


The top plate of the Oscilloclast, showing the three decade resistors, the patient connections, the light bulb socket and the press-to-shock switch.

Purchasers of Dr. Abrams boxes were made to sign a paper wherein they agreed not to open the box and peer inside. However, the top plate is secured with a few wood screws that easily unscrew to reveal only the three decade resistors, filled in with pitch, and some poorly done wiring.

None genuine without the plaque - one had to look out for the unscrupulous who sold unauthorized clones.